Corporate Identity

Is your advertising providing a united front, or is it fragmented? Maybe you leave your newspaper ad design up to the newspaper’s staff, while your website was created by someone in your own office using a pre-made template. The newspaper ad and the website may look okay on their own. But you are losing valuable top-of-mind awareness if your advertising is not providing a cohesive appearance that looks good and also reflects your product or service, your business culture, as well as your target audience. Aeon Digital Arts can help you advertise more effectively by achieving this goal.

Logo Design

The central part of any corporate identity comes down to the logo. The logo of your business should be more than the name of your business set in a popular font with a clip art picture attached. It is much more than a name. It is everything your business represents; it is your stamp of approval, your coat of arms, and it should be uniquely designed to speak for you. A logo alone can create the impression in someone’s mind of whether or not your business is trustworthy, long before they experience your product or service. Aeon Digital Arts designs custom logos that embody great design and crafted lettering for a cohesive identity that not only looks professional, but truly represents you.

Web Design

With the ever-growing dominance of the web, your online presence can make or break your business. Some businesses have their websites built by programmers, who make their site functional, but unappealing. Others rely on pre-made, cookie-cutter templates on popular web hosting platforms, which look nice, but don’t truly reflect their companies’ identities—and worse, they look like so many other sites using those same templates. Aeon Digital Arts has had many years of experience in designing websites, web ads, and social media channel branding, giving you a web presence that is not only functional and attractive, but uniquely yours.

Print Design

Maintaining a consistent image across various print advertising venues is much more than simply slapping the same design on every advertisement. A billboard has only a few seconds to grab a driver’s attention, whereas a lot more information and design elements can be put in a brochure. A poster designed to be printed on a full color press may not transfer well to a t-shirt design or to a print ad in the local newspaper. Maintaining your identity and design across various mediums relies upon strong design principles, and also requires practical knowledge of the various printing technologies involved. Aeon Digital Arts takes all of these factors into account when designing for a particular medium, so that you stand out above the crowd.


Add a professional touch to your videos that sets you apart by utilizing 2D animation, 3D animation, and video editing services, which can take even your self-shot smart phone videos to the next level. You can enhance your social media presence by including logo animations, 3D product visuals or even complete video commercials. Adding a professional touch to your videos sets you apart from all of the other advertisers competing for the attention of your target audience. Aeon Digital Arts offers so much more.